We discovered that we can move some brain areas at will like a muscle to perform individual memory operation. Since our problems are mainly caused by our past memories, we can tweak them to achieve child-like freedom.


We have mapped mind functions and developed visualization techniques tied to how brain movements tweak memories. As of Aug 2023, we've still seen a constant success rate from more than 1500 subject cases from diverse dozen participants. We believe it has to be universal, reproducible, outcome-based predictable, and checked against all odds. It was an accident, a blessing, and a deep observation that led me to the ability to remove anything I didn't want from my brain at any time. And I am here to help you. The only barrier to healing is openness to trying and recalling the correct memory.
How it works
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7 Projecting Muscles
Memory Canvas
To be split
Absorber memory

Your brain doesn't have to rule you.

Want to avoid emotional triggers in any situation?

We help nail down which memory

We'll assist you in locating the offender and help you put it in the frontal lobe modifier.

and disassociate them

Our deep understanding of complex character simulator, muscle memory, memory split & merger, 7 orbital projectors, memory eraser, and modifier muscles will get rid of your problems.

Don't be afraid

You are fully conscious and not becoming another person. All day long, your brain works in this manner, but without a specific purpose.

but a few SECONDS later

You might feel at ease, disappointed, or in tears.

The sign of letting go and removal from any danger.

You still remember but don't care

When you detach a memory from another, associated with danger, it will then be of the past without further need of self-talk, hypnosis, or suppression.


Is this a therapy? will my problem go away?

It falls under spiritual coaching / inner healing. This is not a clinical or licensed therapy. We are not giving you solution for your worldly problem, we simply liberate you from being jailed by your thoughts & emotions. This is neither hypnosis nor physical treatment.

What does science say about it?

It depends which science you are referring to. Science must be definitive, repeatable, and universal. We do not consider any democratic, psychic, research paper, or pseudoscience often used in empirical behavior categorization, as a dogma, often called as science by general public. After labeling all movable areas and experiment on how memory works using frameworks in physics and philosophy, we realized Prof. Emeritus Alan David Baddeley from University of York has been writing research papers in the space for decades, yet my labels & arrows are similar but not exactly the same.

How long will it take?

Regular people may have hundreds to thousands mindsets they can remove to gain full control of their will. Trauma wise differs from person to person, but severe ones may go up to ~30 cases, and some may have hundreds. When one goes through a phase of removing drastic issues, removing one may take 5-20 seconds but it is not possible to remove all causes at once, because you can only remember a few problems at a time.

Kinda like the ‘Men in Black’ wand?

No... we take and tweak numerous individual memories; they are tiny, not on/off a label or categorization. The brain is often falsely attributed to maintaining a vivid long-term memory. Instead, they are associated with danger, anger, punishment, or others, and this association makes them easy for you to recall. You can restructure the associations and remove those held as your securities. I would refrain from using any movies out there as a comparison. I understand that though we all have memories, we don't even realize we can point at them, not just remember them, making it hard to convey.

Is this related to or akin to EMDR?

What I do is not EMDR but our brain movement map and model can explain EMDR. EMDR does not remove the memory association correctly, they can either detach but leave it in the same memory bubble, leaving the patient still bothered though not angry, or hypnotize the patients, which is temporary. EMDR is somewhat effective half of the time to switch topic when casually talking to others

Individual Consulation

While I assist anyone, my clients are mostly from executive leadership roles, are unable to move on, upset about many things, are in a broken relationship, already tried to eliminate specific behavior/stress but can't. We need to see each other's faces, this will allow me to capture your emotions as you speak. You will only be conversing and imagining things with me without other tools.

1. Let's chat and see if you are willing to open up.
2. Decide to do what it takes to face & remove your fear.
3. Stop at any time.
4. 1st Zoom (video) session is free, no string attached.

Not For

Those seeking medical help, those with prior brain injuries, those treating us like a licensed therapy (insurance,legal,etc), those having hard time listening to others and following instructions (unless we focus on this problem first), those who are not interested in making a personal decision to do whatever it takes to face their fears and problems. In the visualization process, we will suggest that you imagine an actor, and our sole recommendation will be monotheist God & Jesus to avoid worsening the problems but you are welcome to alter the persona as we are not providing aid to proselytize. In the case when mindset change is necessary and you can't come up with a replacement yourself, we can offer a substitute tested through time and experience. So if you tend to get angry for no reason when hearing anything Christian, either we can help eliminate the anger or this is just not for you.


Alternatively, you can contact us at hi@mind.surgery
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An unedited review from a customer

I was introduced to this mind surgery method after being pointed out about things that changed my tone or expression in a conversation. The stuff that was pointed out was basically the stuff that made me a bit anxious or annoyed or even angry. I decided to try this process to mend things that are simpler in nature. Darren guided me in the process. It helped. When a similar situation occurs, I wouldn’t feel bothered or annoyed like before. One thing that everyone needs to know is that most of the simple stuff that annoys us now is due to something that is embedded in our mind from a long time ago. Mending some simple things that makes our mind irritated may lead us to the need of mending something that is more fundamental. I recommend everyone to try this technique and even learn it, as it may become useful in the future. - Mayo from California


Moving Brain Parts. A few decades ago in Jakarta, I, Darren Gozali, experienced sharp pains in my brain from holding in my intense rage. Since then, I have had to frequently focus my mind on my brain, worrying the worst. At the University of Michigan, I noticed that on a brain citi scan of a person marked in red when performing a specific action, the area in my brain that slightly moved when I tried to perform that same action, such as smelling or focusing on hearing. So what? It seemed useless at that time to MRI your own brain.
Accidental Discovery. With an inner healing background from leading a lay Carmelite, I ministered free inner healing sessions for entrepreneurs, employees & business partners. However, I went through several calamities in the process where neither the psychologist nor the inner healing were of any help. Each person undergoing a session showed mysterious imaginary patterns. Focusing on those weird patterns & tracking every tiny movement in my brain, I meticulously mapped each movable area that adds, retains, alters, and detaches memories. It turns out my mapping works universally. People who tried were confused about how a couple of their pet peeves & unresolved issues from year-long therapy sessions disappeared after one session.
Change Myself Before Offering To Others. I embarked on an inner journey to modify my brain so nothing would trigger even the slightest cramp or pressure in my body. After a few years, I feel so free and don't really want anything, albeit not perfectly, and cramps from ulcers or other causes can be removed. I see meditation, medication, coping, and holistic practices as suppressing or bending our emotions, not curing the cause. I have been helping people in California and Indonesia; a few have asked to be trained and possibly join me.